weekend: 5 out of 5 ☆

I am still tired after the weekend but I'm also still smiling from it. I had no idea the weekend was gonna turn out as good as it did. I love being spontaneous and we were. 

So if Friday counts to the weekend I can start to share that day with you. My mom picked me up at the trainstation around 2pm, stopped by the bowl to drop off my bowlingballs on the way home. When I finally got home I took a shower and got ready to leave again, since mom was gonna go away over the weekend I got to borrow mom's car, so I decided to go visit on of my closest friends at her work. Such a cozy boutique way out in the middle of nowhere. It's a clothing boutique combined with a small part with delicate candy, chocolate, cheese, crackers and on and on and on. It's pretty much heaven. It's called Elin & Arvid for my swedish readers if you ever wanna go there, it's a must if you're in my area! 
Made myself some dinner and spent the evening on the couch. 

Saturday I woke up pretty early but stayed in bed until like 11am. Got up and got ready for a day of doing errands and bowling league. I was pretty happy with myself with all the things I got done during lunch. At first. Cause later on I realized I forgot to do half the things I was supposed to do, hahaha. Oh well. Good thing is I have plenty of time this week to get it done, at least I got the most important stuff done. 
Bowled league with my favorite girls and we did a great job, again. I'm so proud of my girls especially my doubles partner Cajsa who bowl a great score. :) 
On my way home from Helsingborg where I bowl league, I texted Frida, who was gonna bowl league with her guys team in Malmoe (which is more south than I live) and asked her to stop by my house to go out with me. I got the answer: I'm wearing winter boots, a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt, I can go out looking like this. 
Luckily, we have the same size shoes. Unfortunately, we do not have the same size shirt. Luckily, I'm a problemsolver. My answer: the supermarket is open and they have a clothing section, I promise we will find something there. SAID AND DONE! about 45min later I picked her up and we went to the store and found an outfit for her. Got Ready for a girls night out - and trust me when I say it was a top 10 night out. Holy CRAP we had a bunch of fun. Went to bed at 7am. Long time since last time that happened. 

Woke up on Sunday feeling sick right before 10am. Not sick as in having to throw up. Sick as in the worst freaking cold. I have lost my voice and my nose is just blocked. 
Oh well, only after a few hours sleep I took a shower and dressed up: I was gonna get great company on my Sunday!  JOSEFINE! 😍 
Aw my lovely best friend josefine came to visit me. ♡ 
Perfect timing, we had a lot to catch up on and just having her here made me happy. I had prepared with cheese, crackers, chocolate and all that from Emmas work, for us. Zacke joined us too. Great ending to this weekend. 

Monday is the worst day of the week in my opinion but this one was not bad at all. Me and mom went to Ikea and another shopping center for a mother and daughter day. 

Keep the good days coming! 


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