tomorrow: game day

Done with work for today. Just got back home and I'm now gonna catch up with bed. I really hope I can get some good nights sleep tonight, I really really need it. No dreams. Just sleep. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. It's game day so we start out with bowling at 10am. I'm guessing we will be done by 12 and then hurry back home so I can be at work at 2pm. And you can find me there until midnight.

Bowling tomorrow is going to be fun. Trying out a new pattern, 44ft. We have never bowled on it in league at our home centre. Interesting! And it's gonna be the first time for me to bowl against Cahoot. I was not bowling when we bowled them last time. I just can't wait.

Must say bowling is so much fun right now. I wish my schedule was like 1,5year ago. Home for a week, gone for two, home for two weeks, gone for one. That was amazing and I miss it so much. And I feel like I'm ready for the same thing again, can't wait to get back on the road to bowl!! 17days left.

Oh well, it's bedtime. Olympia bowling at 10.20am - see you there!

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