Sunday Bloody Sunday

Ok. Here we go, yesterday I said something about trying something new. I like to challenge myself. And I did today. I tried a new workout, body pump. Maaaaaan, it's gonna hurt tomorrow. I feel it already, my body is sore.

Did I forget to tell you that I'm in Gothenburg? Well I am, haha I'm here to visit some friends, just having a good time. I arrived earlier today by bus, went straight to the gym with Joline aka wifey. Body pump before a shower and sauna. We took the tram to Svingeln to get some food and hang out with some friends, was a great night and so worth the painful bus ride! Ended the night with a shot-date through FaceTime. Love apple <3

I'm gonna spend tomorrow in a bowl pretty much all day. Might get some time off to go shopping if I'm lucky ;)
We will see when I go back home, maybe tomorrow, maybe Tuesday. Right now I'm just gonna enjoy my time here with good friends :)


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