good morning Stockholm

Yesterday was rough. It was so not my day. I showed up to the wrong squad, luckily I was early and not late. I got lost on the streets of Norrköping when driving from the bowl to the hotel. My sole fell off in the middle of my approach, luckily I was able to stop before falling over. I also left this during my second block: 

Yep, the 5pin moved in between the 2-8. 

Do I really have to mention that it was a strike fest and I couldn't carry to save my life? Oh well. At least I'm happy with how I was executing my shots and I'm gonna bring that positive feeling into AIK tournament instead.

So last night after bowling me and Amelie drove to Stockholm. I fell asleep like a little baby when we got to the hotel.

Hotel breakfast this morning was a great way to start the day. Today is a day filled with driving to and from the airport. Soon picking up TJ and DJ and later on Lindsay. Can't wait to see them all again! It's been way too long. :)

Bowling again tomorrow at 6pm, find the scores at



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