AIK Tournament

Just wow. It was a long 3 days in Stockholm, we started with qualifying on Monday 6pm. I bowled ok, +123 in my squad but room to improve. Decided to sign up for the morning squad on Tuesday 8am. Not much sleep but ready to bowl in the morning, improved my scores but only a little +144. 
It was a strike fest and I just couldn't figure out how to join it. 
3rd squad at 3pm was just a disaster, tried different solutions and couldn't find anything to work for me. 

In AIK tournament there are many different ways of making the finals & semifinals. Top 30 from qualifying and top scores game 5 and 6 makes it straight to finals. Then 31-66 on the total qualifying, 4 ladies out of the cut, 4 youth, 4 seniors and 4 hcp bowlers made the semis together with next two scores from game 5 & 6. The semi finals was bowled on Tuesday evening at 10pm. 

I was lucky enough to capture on of the spots on the ladies gateways to the semis. 

12 people out of 56 made it from semis. In the semis I bowled my best so far this trip, I was +202 going into the last game. The last game my mind played some tricks on me but I tried to stay clean and made it through as the last one in the cut. 

We were done late and the finals started early, not much sleep but this girl was so extremely happy with making it so I didn't really care about sleep. And if we look at my scores on the morning of the finals obviously sleep didn't matter. 
My good execution continued and I shot 270-300 my first two games. 570 with 21 strikes in a row with my Rocket is my highest score in two games ever. I will later on today post a video of my last shot of the 300 game on my Instagram, go check it out! @miniheffaa_ 

I made the first step with a good margin, I bowled +250. We got to bowl another 4 games and here I couldn't put my strikes together unfortunately and I had to settle with a 14th place in the tournament. 

Cut for the top 30 was: 1434/6
Five bowler scored over 1500/6 
17 - 300 games during the tournament 

No onto Ballmasters in Helsinki, Finland. The weather is terrible over here, it was -25 (-13F) when we arrived yesterday and this morning -28c (-18F). Thank God we are gonna bowl inside! 

My first squad is 10am this morning, it's a one hour time difference from Sweden. 

Fingers crossed! 


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