practice makes perfect

After a rough week on the lanes in munich I decided to practice my ass off during the week. I felt terrible after that lousy performance and I decided I don't want that to happen again. Whatever happened. I really just think it's my confidence but self esteem grows when you practice alot. 

Took Monday off. Just really spent the whole day in bed. Practiced tue, wed, Thurs, sat and then bowled league in the afternoon on Saturday. It gave result. 
900/4 games, didn't bowl THAT great but I was mentally there and more focused than I have been in a while and I could make the changes I had to do. Was a great feeling for sure. 

Gonna stay with that dose of practice this week too. Challenging weekend coming up, swedish Elite championship. Hoping for a great tournament. 

Other than that I have very much enjoyed my week off with my friends. They have been truly amazing supporting me and they have put a smile in my face again. Such a great time. 

Ended the weekend with dinner at my brothers place. DELICIOUS FOOD. food coma and slept for 10 straight h to be ready for a new week! 
Bring it :)


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