What the hell just happened?

I can't explain what just happened. I'm lost for words. That was one tricky match! We bowled on Montreal and it was nowhere close to last weekends match. I bowled 713 today on my four games and I tried everything I could think of. I have so many splits today! 
I don't know how many times today I felt like "that one is good" and then it turned out it was not. It looked like the ball was gonna move but it didn't and sometimes it hooked WAY to hard. I tried every single ball in my bag today and actually I think I did OK the last 3 games, started with 145. I couldn't get comfy and just bowl. I had to chase it the whole time. 

And Btw,  should I mention that I only have one open today except the splits? 

Not fun at all and it was our second lost match this season. 

Rough day on the lanes to say the least. Blaaaah 


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