spader dam

Another win yesterday for me and my girls! We had already won after 3 games. Great weekend if you ask me :) personally I had trouble figuring the lanes out. I felt that I was behind on the moves the whole time. Finally found a good look after two games and finished off with a 279 in the last game for 874. 

What I am most proud of this weekend is that I was the oldest girl on the team with my 23years. How crazy is that? 8 other girls, all younger than me and still we are kicking ass on the lanes! We have a really talented team and it's fun to see all the young girls step up and take some space. Love my team! 

Also great job to Lina and and Fia who did there first matches in the highest league division. Proud of you! 

After the match yesterday we jumped in the car and drove back to Helsingborg to Watch my brothers team against their big rivals. Derby! Unfortunately my brothers team lost. 
But that didn't hold us back from having a great evening. We stayed in helsingborg, bowled, danced on the bar, sang along to many songs and just enjoyed a Sunday in great company! Never a boring moment with these guys and girls. :) 

Not feeling too well today though haha. Totally worth it though. 

Just had a relaxing day today, had a few stuff done - two very good things that I will share with you this week!! :) can't wait! 

Soon very soon bedtime.  Tomorrow is gym and work day number 3 at makeup store. :) 


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