Bowling x 2

Gotta admit that my body felt a little tired this morning when I woke up. Not sore but tired and I'm pretty sure I know the reason why! Haha. 

I bowled two matches today, one for the boys and one for the girls. Won both and I bowled very good in the first one and good in the second match. Overall a good day on the lanes. My spare shooting is slowly getting better too, I feel more confident and I make more spares. Today I only had two open frames for 7games, including splits. :)

after I was done bowling I drove back home to shower and get ready for fridas 25th birthday-party. such a nice evening! I just got back home like 20mins ago. we started in Höganäs bowlingcenter with dinner, drinks and some bowling of course ;) then we decided to head into the city to go out dancing. my stomach and cheeks hurts from laughing so much! big thanks to Mattias for putting it all together and to all of the people attending for making it a rememberable evening. 


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This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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