all good things come to an end

a little sad that this week is over. I really loved spending time here surrounded by great people, great coaches in a great enviroment.
cant get enough.

today we worked on speed, how to increase it and slow it down. some more videos and had a final classroom meeting were we had the chance to ask some more questions.
after lunch we took a break from the bowl and went over to the bowling museum and hall of fame to look at our coach's picture. he got inducted 2years ago. we went through it all, some pics:

unfortunately we never found him. they havent updated it since 2009 I heard, which is sad. we were looking forward to see him in there!

anyhow, I forgot to tell you guys about yesterdays adventure. we were allowed behind the secret doors were the magic happens. we met Earl! earl is a robot who tests bowling balls, patterns. it can be programmed into copying any bowler with tilt, rotations, speed, rpms. so cool! you can search for it on youtube. they also tests bowling pins.

finished our day at the itrc with putting up the nicest flag out there:

mongolian for dinner
comfy bed for sleep
sleep-in tomorrow
visit at the gym
spending a few hours in dallas - what to do?
long flight


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