I did it! I went to the gym for a 50min RPM class and it felt AWESOME! I was dead afterwards. I pushed myself so hard that I actually felt dizzy getting of the bike, haha. Not only did I feel dead, I felt happy too. So happy that I went straight to the bowl and practiced for a little while. 

I don't wanna jinx myself but I think my motivation is back, iiiiiiiih excited. 

Maybe I should take it from the beginning? 

Ive actually had a great day today. Except the fact that I only slept for like 5h last night (don't hate, I need my sleep). I did it with a smile though, I planned to surprise my mom with breakfast. Alarm was set for 7.30am, got up, showered and got ready. Left my apartment right after 8am to go to the store and buy all the stuff I needed for a perfect breakfast. 

Freshly made baguettes, cheese, smoked ham, luxury shrimp creamy thingy, vegetables, quark with warm raspberries and blueberries. 

I think my mom got surprised, I actually "warned" her with a text before I left to go to the store but anyways :) she deserves the best. 

After we had that delicious breakfast and after we were done talking about everything inbetween heaven and earth, I decided to go back home to take a quick nap before my meetings. I had one scheduled but it turned out to be two or actually three cause we scheduled one for tomorrow as well. I dont wanna share just yet what they are about but as soon as I know more about the meetings I promise to let you guys know! :) stay tuned! 

I squeezed in lunch with a dear friend today too. Thai buffet, tea time, lots of laugther and also serious discussions. I really enjoyed it! 

That was pretty much it for today, you know the rest. Gym. Bowling. I have done more today than the past week, haha. 

Taking the day off the gym tomorrow. It's all about bowling instead. Coaching the kids, practice and then the meeting. 


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