Detox [check]

I did it! I survived the 9 days detox. 
It has been a great challenge at times but never felt like it would be too hard to complete. 

So let's sum it all up. 
My goal was to get more energy, feel better, getting back on track with working out and to eat healthier. 
I must say all of it happened. I feel that I have more energy, I actually do things during the days. I hate winter since its dark and cold and it can be quite depressing, so for me thus was very important. I have been so lazy cause I haven't been able to find any motivation at all to leave my apartment compared to now when I have been out power walking, running etc. 

I feel much better in my body, my stomach is working so much better now. 

As I said, I've been out power walking and running. Also been bowling alot and been able to represent myself. 

And last but not least: eat healthier. I have cooked all my meals myself and I have actually enjoyed it. Pasta with meat sauce, lasagna, currychicken with rice and vegetables. I have made my dinner boxes and prepared every meal and this is something I'm gonna try and keep doing. Now I know more about calories and how much I should eat and should not eat.  

I have lost 1,8kg in weight, 2cm around the waist and a half cm around each leg. Butt is still the same big size Hahaha. 

I am so happy with my decision of doing the detox and I'm very pleased with my results. 

If anyone of you guys are interested in doing this detox you can email me for more information 


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