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It has been a busy day. Woke up early, went to my physical therapist to work on my neck and back problems. He believes it my muscles that are irritated right now so I'm getting some massage, ultra sound and stretching. It feels much better overall but today after working out I got a weird feeling in my neck. It's already feeling better but hope I'm not gonna feel anything tomorrow cause we have two very important matches in league, I have to be able to bowl 8 games. Fingers crossed.  

After I went to my physical therapist I went back and forth with mom downtown. We went grosserie shopping, to the vet, to showings of 3 apartments and then I was watching my nephew between 2pm and 8pm. Felt tired after a long but dragged my ass to the gym and did some cardio: 
5min incline 2,5 6km/h 
5min 9,5km/h
5min incline 2,5 9,5km/h
5min incline 2,5 6km/h
5min incline 2,5 9,5km/h
5min 9,5km/h - increase every min with 0,5km/h
5min 6km/h 
5min 9,5km/h
5min incline 9,5km/h
5min 6km/h
11km/h 1 min Intervall with 30sec rest x5
Powerwalk 1,5km to finish at 10km and 770kcal

đŸ’Ș took me about 70mins to do this on the treadmill and I was soaking wet afterwards. It was tough mentally today. My head wanted to give up a few times but I was determined to make it. And I did. 

Celebrated with meatball sandwich when I got home 😍 and a workout selfie 

Now I'm ready for bed. 

Early morning wakeup call tomorrow 


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