What I thought was gonna be just another day of working out and practice instead got a different turn in the middle of the day. little bit of wake up call, an emotional moment.

There is this one kid that I coach in our bowling center. He's not like any other kid. I don't mean that in a bad way, what I mean is that this guy is spreading energy around himself without even knowing it. This guy is always smiling. This guy always gives you a hug. This guy loves bowling. Yes, this is the kind of guy that you feel good to be around and he doesn't even know it. A young kid that has a great future ahead of him, both on and off the lanes. 
Two weeks ago he had a surgery done. Not just any small surgery, he removed a tumor big as an orange in his leg/hip. 
This kid has not only bowled with this big painful thing in his leg/hip - what makes my heart ache is that he actually had to go through the thoughts of: is it a bad one? Good one? Has it spread further? And what scares me the most: am I gonna wake up again? 

I was talking to his parents before the surgery and they said that it was gonna be a tough recovery - have in mind that they had to cut the muscle to be able to remove the tumor - we were talking wheelchair, crutches and rehab. 

So I sent him a message last week to make sure everything was OK with him and to tell him that we missed him in the bowl and that I was hoping to see him soon again, if he just wanted to swing by to say hi during practice. 

This kid is truly amazing. 
Today he walked into the bowl. Two week after the surgery. No wheelchair. No crutches. And guess what? Carrying his bowling bag with shoes and bowling ball down to the lanes and said - I'm ready to bowl. He bowled and he enjoyed it.

I just can't stop smiling about it. He is such a fighter. He is a true inspiration. 

To see the relief in his mother's eyes. To see the happiness in his eyes. 

Yes. I cried. Happy tears.  
I'm just blown away by his strength. It's incredible to be back on the lanes so fast after such a big surgery. This kid is cool. That's some pure will right there.

Thanks N for letting me share this story. 
You inspire me! 


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