I don't think I will ever get used to the fact that people are wearing their shoes inside. Question for all my American readers, when do you feel "now is the time to take them off"? Hahaha
 It feels so weird, normally that's the first thing I do when I get home - I take off my shoes. 

Oh well. Enough about shoes. I made it! I'm finally in Keller, Texas after 18h travelling. I couldn't sleep on the first flight, the long one. When I landed in Chicago I knew I only had about 1h 40mins before my next flight so I asked to get permission to pass the line to costums and go the express line. Well.. I got permission but I definitely hit the wrong line while waiting to go through. The officer kept leaving the booth the whole time so I actually made it through AFTER everyone else in the long line. One lady that worked there asked me if I was a military. Hahaha say what? Do I look like I'm the military? Anyways, next time I'm gonna say yes so I can go through quicker! 
Lucky me I made my flight. I fell asleep for a little while also on the last leg. 

Del picked me up, staying at his and Carolyns house the next few days. Such a beautiful home! 
I'm all cuddle up in bed and ready for some sleep. Waking up early for practice tomorrow! 

Good morning Sweden and gnite America 



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