squad 1

My bowlingballs made it just in time for the last squad yesterday. Actually, we arrives to the bowling center only a few mins before the squad was gonna start. A little stressed out but so excited to bowl. 

My plan with that squad was to bowl and collect as much information as possible for today. Even though I have bowled in this bowling center before I still feel like I know nothing about it. I have NEVER bowled good here. There is just something about this center that it's can figure out but yesterday's squad put me one step closer. 

I'm not sure about my total score but I bowled 180, 210, 220 and 170x3. I shouldn't have move that far left as I did yesterday, I think that is what I have done wrong every single time. I'm gonna try and stay a little further right (we are still talking like feet on 25) and let my Hyroad pearl do the work in the end. 

Yesterday my Asylum, IQ Nano and Hy Road Pearl had the best look. 

Giving it another try now at noon. 


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