Doha, Qatar

The last day and a half has taken so much energy. Traveling itself takes alot of energy but when it doesn't run smoothly AT ALL, yea I have no words for it. 

I'm just gonna explain and let you decide if I'm exaggerating or not. 

It all started with a 2.30am wake up call and I was so tired cause I only got 2h sleep.. my own fault I guess but I just couldn't fall asleep. Got up, showered, got dressed and packed the last few things before mom picked me up at 3.30am. 
We drove to the airport, it took us a little over an hour cause we made one stop for breakfast on the way down. 

When we got to the airport, mom gave me a big hug, wished me luck and drove back home. I took all my stuff and went to the check - in desk. I thought: "this is gonna be an easy trip since I already paid for my extra bag and I'm probably gonna sleep the whole flight." HA! If only I knew what was coming. 

When I stood there at the desk she told me there is a possibility that I'm gonna miss my flight cause it's overbooked. I told them that I have  to be in Doha tonight and they promise me that will happen. 
Boarding at 5.30am and when it was my turn to go through the last check point they called me to the side and said "hey, we need to change you flight cause it's full." 
my options: 
1. Fly out at 11 am, have a layover in frankfurt and get to Doha at 9.30pm.
2. Fly straight from Copenhagen to Doha at 3pm and get there one our later. 
So my options from my point of view: 
1. Fly our earlier but give them a chance to mess it up with bags or even get unlucky and miss my connection flight 
2. Sit at cph airport in 9h and fly straight. 

I chose option number two. 

I got free access to the lounge and also 4400dkk as a compensation. 
It took me about two hours to get all that fixed with new tickets, vouchers etc. When I finally got to the lounge I had breakfast number two and then I built a bed out of two chairs and fell asleep. I slept off and on for about 4h and then it was time to eat something before heading over to my gate. 

Flight was good. I had the whole row to myself, like literally the whole row to myself. Of course I took advantage of this and laid down and slept. Well after I cried my eyes out when watching the movie "the fault in our stars". 
Woke up just before we were gonna land cause the whole plane was shaking, so turbulent but the landing was good. 

Went through customs without and problems but went I got to the belt where my luggage was supposed to be at, I couldn't find them. Sad face.  
They had 9h to get my bowling bags on the flight and they failed. 
Made the report and left the airport and hour and a half later. 

No bowling balls and 6 hours later than I was supposed to. 

It's 5.30pm now. I still have no bowlingballs but I'm gonna go to the airport in 30mins to see if they have arrived. Fingers crossed please! 

Now: table tennis with the swedes. :) 


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