Im terrible at updating cause the wifi is so bad around here. there is no wifi at the stadium and only works when it wants to at the hotel.

we have bowled our first 5games of qualifying here at the stadium and usbc queens. I drilled a new ball for the pattern too, roto grips asylum. thanks to storm/roto for helping me out.
I bowled a squad which was on fresh - it was tough in the beginning, I started out using the wrong ball too and that didnt make it easier. I do have a plan to next time we bowl on fresh though. so I started with my asylum and it was too strong in the beginning, in the fill ball I tried my hammer deadly aim and that ball was much smoother so I kept that one for a game then back to asylum. really liked the look of that ball. that ball might turn out as a favorite in the bag.
I did ok the last few games. ended up with +13 which is about 60pins behind the cut.
cause yes, we got the great news yesterday they changed the cut from 64 to 32!! so stupid.

so im getting ready to bowl the open championships first and then the next 5games on burned. scores went up on burned to im hoping to post a high 5game block tonight. fingers crossed!

result can be found at: www.bowl.com - tournaments - queens


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