life in a suitcase

today is the day! I'm back! 
4am this morning I got home after working at the nightclub downtown. Fun night at work as everyone was all dressed up and happy, makes my evening so much easier. When I got back home I realised my bags were still unpacked. 😩 after grabbing something quick to eat, dressed down to something more comfortable I started packing. 

Went to bed around 6am and alarm went off at 10am. AWESOME  I'm not a morning person at all and it's not fun when I only get 4h of sleep. 

I was ready to leave home around lunch time, went to the bowl to get the bowling balls. All 28 of them. No its not all mine, I'm taking stuff for my brother and my friend John too and also Anna is with me in the car. 

So my schedule for the next few days are gonna look like this: 
1 Jan - driving to Vimmerby 
2-3 Jan - driving to Norrköping. bowling a ladies tournament. 
3-7 Jan - driving to Stockholm to bowl the biggest tournament in Sweden,  the AIK tournament. 
7-11 Jan - flying to Finland for Ballmasters. 

When Anna and I got to my friends house, we are staying here tonight, the dinner was served - we had taco pie, so delicious! Of course we had to do dessert too - chocolate fondue with fruits. 
Yep I'm full, I'm happy and I'm tired. 

Ok i better get some sleep so I'm ready for tomorrow. I will give you more details tomorrow on where to find scores and everything. 

Sleep tight lovers, 


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