move, bowling and work

Hey guys. 

I'm alive. Yet again I have had so much to do that I have put the blog aside. I didn't mean to, it just happened. I like to put down my thoughts in words and it's about time I do it again..

I just woke up a little while ago, took F to work and now I'm back on the couch watching gossip girl and eating breakfast.  

So what have I don't since the last update? I've been doing my favorite thing and my least favorite thing in the whole world. Bowling. & packing/moving. 
I got a new apartment apartment so the last week was spent with boxes apartment and cleaning out. I moved all my stuff on Friday and it took us about all day and we are still not 100%done. I will show some pictures when I'm starting to like it there 😊

So what about bowling? I've been struggling a little after stockholm. Something happened when I got back home, something that I don't feel like sharing here on the blog. Let just say bowling was not priority that week. Didn't get much sleep and my head was spinning like never before. Also a reason why I have stayed away from the blog. 
I'm always there again, with my game and mental game. And I'm very much looking forward to heading to Munich on Friday to bowl on the World Tour again! 

Other than that I'm doing great. I'm really enjoying home at the moment. I'm happy. Very happy. Like butterflies in the stomach happy. Amazing feeling. 

But I think that's all for now. 😘 I'm gonna get some rest before work. 


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