Monday morning

I woke up with a sore back and neck and I'm going to bed with sore legs. After having a bad cold for a week I'm finally starting to feel better and today I went out for a shorter run. When I say a shorter run I mean a 5km and I was dead at the end. I pushed myself today and the devils in my head did not win. I did. I didn't stop when I was tired. I stopped when I was done. 

After running I did my stretching routines and then spent an hour and a half on the couch watching gossip girl and having early dinner before bowling house league. 

As I told you guys yesterday the past few weeks has been a bit of a struggle on the lanes but I finally starting to feel confident on the lanes again. Thanks to mom. 😍 today was no different. I bowled 928/4 with my IQ Tour Solid and my IQ Tour Nano on a 38ft pattern. So you could say I'm excited to be heading to Munich on Friday. I'm so ready to get out and bowl again!! 

The evening was spent on the couch with a movie and some great company. Tomorrow I have 3 coaching sessions and maybe gym too. Let's have our fingers crossed that I wake up and feel good, no sore legs, no cold, just ready to go and kick ass.. hahaha 

I wish!

Good night x


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