World bowling tour finals

The finals was aired yesterday on ESPN2, did you guys watch it? I did. It was just as heartbreaking to watch it now as it was after the show in Vegas. Yep, that one shot where I miss the head pin still haunts me. 

But Im extreamly proud of myself for bowling the way I did on the show though. I did the best I could in every single shot. I was a 100% me on the show. It was an amazing experience and I'm gonna take all of it with me and hopefully be able to stay in the top 3 and get back on the show later this year. 

How did you guys like the new format? 

Personally I'm not a fan. Growing up in a bowling center my coaches, parents and even now when I'm coaching I always tell people to practice spare shooting and that you win on making your spares. I'm a spare shooter (even though I didn't show that on the show in 2011, haha). 
I believe that if you bowl good, you should get the advantage that a double or even a spare will give you. I believe that convert a big split or have the front 7 with the chance of making a 300 on TV is way more exciting to watch. Maybe I'm an old fashion 23year old. 

I would love to hear your thoughts, comment!! 

And not to forget a big fat THANK YOU to all of you for your nice words, tweets and Facebook posts. It warms my heart to know that I'm surrounded by such amazing people. I wanna thank Rotogrip for supplying me with the best equipment on the market. I wanna thank Vise Inserts. I wanna thank my lovely parents for making it possible for me to travel the world and do what I love the most. Thanks World Bowling, PBA. It has been a dream come true to bowl on TV and even bigger to get back on the show. 

"This one's a fighter" 
I'm ready to work harder. 

Bring on 2015, let's #OwnIt 


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