Bowling in 3D

So what I did today was a 2h drive to gothenburg. 3 bowling balls ready. I walked into the bowl, I got all these balls taped on to my body. I did some test shots and then we did the real stuff: 

I got to do 15 shots when I played right and 15 shots when I player deeper in the lane, I rated every single shot from 1-3 where one was perfect, 2 good, 3 bad. the study will show the difference of the body between the bad shots compared to the good shots. How cool is that? 
It was a little nerv wrecking and a little hard since I was kinda tired in my body and mind but I think it's gonna be just fine. Can't wait to see the results! 

Other than that, today has been an OK day with my detox. I'm low on energy and my body is a little grumpy but it's easier than I thought it would be. The hardest part today was to go grossery shopping to prepare for tomorrow. So many nice things in the store 😍 haha. Countdown: 24h til dinner!!! 

Gonna take my last drink of the day now and then cuddle up in bed. 


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