AIK & Stureby Youth Tournament

Another tournament in the books. Or tournaments to be correct. I bowled two different ones this weekend, one youth tournament and one European tour event. 

Let's start with the youth tournament. I qualified by shooting 1393 in the my one and only squad throwing my Asylum and IQ Tour Nano. 
Top 4 took around 1410 to get a bye. 
5-16th, 3 early bird, 3 girls and turbo game 1-6 made it to the first step. 
We bowled 4 games and 8 people made it. Cut was 897 and I bowled 933. 
Step two the top 4 and the 8 people from the first step bowled another 4 games, top 8 made it through. Cut was 868 and I bowled 886. 
Step 3: 4 people on each pair, lowest score each game is out. 
I lost in the semifinals, it was only me and Markus Tidbeck left on our pair and he bowled a high 270-game against me. 

Winner was William Svensson, a young and very talented two handed bowler. I was so excited to watch him bowl, he throws it very good. Go on instagram: miniheffaa_ to watch my video of him. And of course he was throwing the best products available on the market! 

I'm very happy with how I bowled, this was a true confident boost! Overall so pleased with how I threw the ball this weekend. Watch out people, this girl is getting back on track. ✌

AIK was not as fun though. I threw it good but i had a hard time staying out of trouble. The first squad when I bowled 1293 I had a few missed spares which I'm not satisfied with. The second squad I just couldn't string strikes like I did the first squad. I had more trouble with carrying the pins. Bowled 1280 the last squad. Missed the semifinals by only a few pins. 
Sucks but it is what it is. 

So far my new years resolution is working for me. I can actually be satisfied with how I bowled, not being hard on myself. I'm excited to see what I can do in Finland the coming weekend. Ballmasters on the schedule!! :) 


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