I have already went grosserie shopping, prepared lunchboxes for 3 days and had an appointment at my physical therapist. I get surprised every time I can get up in time and get stuff done haha. I'm so lazy in the mornings but lately (since my detox) I have done much better. 

So yesterday I had 4h of coaching sessions and the evening was spent with Rebecca, a girl I got to know this Christmas. Really enjoyed our conversation yesterday, had dinner at one place and went across the street for some tea afterwards. Definitely not the last time I'm spending time with her, such a sweet girl! 

Other than that my week has been good. Taking it easy on practice this week since we don't have any tournaments or matches to bowl this weekend and my back is sore too, going to the gym later today to do some cardio. Actually trying out a new gym called 24/7 today. Pretty much all of my friends are at that gym and it's closer to the downtown city/bowl too so I hope I like it there. :) 

Lunch with my babe's at 1pm, guess who's gonna make the lunch? Hahaha me. Wish me luck. 🙋


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