Big girls cry when their heart is breaking - Sia

It amazes me how quickly my mood can change. I think there is some kind of bad spell over my Sundays. There is nothing good coming out of Sundays ever. Once again I have had an incredible weekend with my friends. I have spent time with some of the people that matters the most and still I'm ending up with music and tears to end the weekend. It's almost like it's some kind of weekly routine. 

I'm the type of person that when I truly love and care about someone, I feel it so deeply it hurts. I love to meet and get to know people, I'm a very open minded, social young lady but I am so afraid of letting people close to my heart cause of the simple reason that I there is nothing that scares me more than a goodbye. Friendship or relationship. It doesn't matter. There is nothing that haunts me more than a goodbye. Not being able or even allowed to talk to the ones you love is terrifying. Just the thought of it brings heartache. 

"And in the end, letting go was alot like finding love. I had to learn to say goodbye to the one who gave me the courage to say hello." 

I hate goodbyes 
I hate Sundays
I hate to feel everything so deeply 


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