and we meet again, america

It has been a very long day. 21h since I left my bed and started the trip from back home til I was back in bed here in Arlington. Body is sore and exhausted. 

It feels like home but yet so far away. I love America. We landed a few hours ago and I'm excited to be back here. 

So, Arlington in Texas on the schedule. Team Sweden ladies are gonna spend this week at the coolest place ever for a bowler, the international training and research center. It's gonna be a tough week but we are gonna learn so much. We were here for the first time a year ago, we did a bunch of tests and I guess we are gonna do them again to see if we are going in the right direction or not. Not really sure what else is on the schedule. :) 

We have the day off tomorrow and if I know things girls well enough I think we are going shopping tomorrow but first some well needed sleep! 



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