Leta reflect över the weekend. Well spare practice gave results. 

I don't think there is something wrong with my physical game. I believe I need to work on my mental game. Cause I can bowl sooo freaking good in practice but when I step out on the lanes during a competition my head just blocks. I tend to focus on everything and everyone else instead of just myself and my own bowling. Like I'm afraid of succeeding. I just put too much pressure that it's not even fun anymore. 
Don't get me wrong, it is fun, I love bowling, but when you're so focused on what not to do, that's when you fail. 

Time to focus more on the mental game. 
Anyone have any suggestions of books etc? 

Other than bowling I'm finally back in the gym after having a terrible cold. Leg day yesterday with one of my friends in the military haha. Guess what? I'm sore today! Haha 

Getting ready for a new session at the gym with Rebecca. Later on is coaching session, bowling practice and work 👌 


Olof rölander både cd och böcker samt föreläsningar

2015-04-09 @ 11:11:28
URL: http://dalee.blogg.se/

Unestål och Kelly Howell

2015-04-09 @ 22:54:25
URL: http://dalee.blogg.se/

Du har Uneståhl samt Kelly Howell hennes sida heter brainsync ha det gott

2015-04-09 @ 23:05:20
URL: http://dalee.blogg.se/

tråkigt att du inte uppdaterar mer.😢

Svar: Back on track, once again! tack för tålamodet :)
Sandra Andersson

2015-04-18 @ 13:16:49

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