"make your spares"

Yesterday was one of the best days in a very long time on the lanes. I litterally enjoyed every second of it. The first hour I was working on my push away, ballmotion away and tried a few balls that I haven't bowled with much lately. Ended my practice session with 40 spareshots, 20shots on 1 pin left and 20shots with two pins left. 39/40. Stupid 3-9 ruined my 100% 😣
Close! Still a good session. 

When I was done my brother came to me and asked if I could sub, we have a 50+ tour event in our bowling center and someone cancelled 45min before the squad.  I said yes. I mean why not? 
Good decision since I bowled very well. Pattern was Seoul and I bowled 1420 with my Asylum and IQ Tour solid. Too bad my scores didn't count ;) 

Also went over my bowling balls, made sure everything is set for the weekend. Packed my bags. Or at least my bowling bags. Need to get my clothes together. Aaaaaa so boring. 

Oh well leaving tomorrow for Örebro and swedish Elite championships. Tough weekend coming up. 3 different patterns. I will tell you more about it tomorrow. 


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