Good morning

I got back home Vimmerby on Monday.  Went straight to the gym for a squat-party then off to the bowl for house league. Unfortunately my team mates never showed up so I couldn't bowl. Yes. I was grumpy about it. 

Tuesday I woke up, laced up my running shoes and went out in the beautiful weather. Stair workout to warm up then pw/run down to the beach and back. I have never ran on the beach before and damn it sucks Hahaha. Good workout for the legs for sure. 1,5h later I was home again, showered, got dressed and made some food. Had to get ready for practice. 
Yesterday's practice was actually better than expected. I worked on my release, to get more side on the ball cause lately I have been so much up the back. Good feeling actually. Gonna keep working on that tonight with mom. 

Now: breakfast. 
Later: gym? practice and work 



hey! any good tips for bowling clothes? can't find aany got bottoms!

Sandra Andersson

2015-04-26 @ 23:33:52

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