When I went to bed last night I could've even imagine how I would feel when I woke up. That was one of the worst nightmares in my life. It feels like I slept for 5 minutes. I'm so tired and I woke up hysterically crying at one point. I can't tell if it was the first time, second time or the third time but it just went on. Something heartbreaking happened in my dream and I was crying my heart out.. I cried so much I woke myself up.. still crying.. 

What does that even mean? I didn't even know you could do that. 
That was just one thing. One other thing I can remember is being somewhere, new place, somewhere warm. Meeting new people when I all of a sudden I'm running and someone is chasing me. BAM, I wake up. 

Hope I can get some more sleep tonight. 

Even though my day started out really bad it actually ended up pretty good. I finally took time to clean my apartment, I coached the kids, I practiced for a little while myself.. and.. dadadam! I booked flights for my next trip! Already on Monday :) I decided to go to Qatar and give that country another try. I've never qualified in that bowling center but I feel more confident this time. 
Can't wait to go, it's gonna be good weather too 😍 



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