one down two to go

even though I fell asleep pretty early last night I could sleep through the whole night. I had problems waking up around 11:30am. seriously thought someone was kidding with me. but no. no joke. it was just me being tired after 11h sleep.

got up and went down to the bowl for a lunch date with my bestie, some practice and some coaching. I didnt have a choice other than to stay in the bowl all day to stay awake. two sessions of practice. working hard on the stuff we changed in texas! both on burned and main focus on the start and to work my right foot in the right direction in the end. work work work.
to finish my day in the bowl I had a coaching session with one of the teams in the center. fun!

I decided to skip the gym today, I wasnt feeling that great in my body and I think there might be a cold on the way. hopefully by taking a relaxing day its just gonna pass by. only did a few bicep-shoulder-tricep routines when I got back home so I didnt have to feel guilty.
clock is set for an early wake up call if my body allows it. 8:30am at the gym for a new class - body balance. really hope I can fall asleep soon.


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This is me. Sandra Andersson. In this blog you get to follow me on my adventures all around the world for bowling.

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