lazy morning in bed. snoozed a few times. my favorite. went out for lunch with mom and two friends, chinease buffet is soooo good down town. both sushi and all different kinds of chinease dishes. yum. still looking forward to the day I can enjoy sushi. I really want to like it but it is, so far: impossible.

walked up and down the big street to look in some boutiques. found what I was looking for pretty quick so we could head down to the bowl instead for some practice.

I shouldve stayed on the big street shopping instead. damn today was terrible. already when I woke up I felt tired and a little sore in my body and I didnt have the energy to bowl today. so two games was enough. better luck next time.

a little mad cause it went so bad, I took that feeling with me to the gym and let it all out in there. shoulders and bicep session together with one of the gyms at the gym, Daniel. really enjoyed it and im looking forward to our next workout.

probably gonna be a little sore tomorrow..
finished todays workout with 20mins on the crosstrainer.

mom picked me up when I was done, drove me back home so I could shower and then go to the grosserie store to buy everything we needed for dinner.
on the menu: the swedish national dish! taaaaaco! haha
so good. dessert: ice cream while watching the movie "bad teacher".
nice end to this day.

tomorrow is saturday.
one plan tomorrow: spend the evening with Amanda!
oh wait, two plans. how about a sleep-in?


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