Chicago O'hare Airport

I am pretty sure that Chicago hates swedes.

let takes it from the start. we went to the zoo, spent a few hours there. decided to leave around 2pm so we could eat and leave our rental car before our first flight to chicago at 6pm.
we ate lunch and headed to the airport but a car accident stopped the traffic and we stood still for a long while. time was running away and we felt that we had to do something to get to thw airport in time. something in this story is driving like we stoled the car over the grass and up on an exit road to find a different way to go. said and done. racing to the airport, checked in and went through security.
flight was delayed an hour.
and this was no good. we only had 2h in chicago from the start and now we lost one.
the flight was good though.
when we landed in chicago we only had about 40mins to get to a different terminal, through passport check, through security and to the gate. and for those of you who has been at ohare nows its a big ass airport. we got into terminal 1 and our next flight was at terminal 5.
we were running for our lives! I was determined that I was not gonna miss the flight at this stupid airport again.
I made it.
8 out of us 10 made it.
Isabelle and Peter are still in Chicago.
flight between Chicago and Copenhagen was good and all the bags made it. Unfortunately not in the same condition as we checked them in but still.

only a 1,5h train ride from being home. jumped on the train and it was gonna take me straight home to Ängelholm. few mins later they announced a change of plans, I had to change train in Malmö and from a 2sets train to only one set with seats. it was packed! I had to stand up the whole way. so stupid.

at least im home.
right now im very satisfied.
lit some candles, started a movie and cuddling with my tiger. missed her so much!
now im just hoping jetlag is gonna treat me well :)


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