Guess what this girl did today? 
25min powerwalk to the gym 
Core - class 
25min powerwalk to the bowl
Bowled house league 4games 

That's the most I have done in one day the past week! Hahaha. I'm proud of myself! 

I'm definitely feeling better in my body than last week. My cold is pretty much gone and I have a little more energy. Bad thing is I haven't been eating as much as I maybe should have so it was really tough today at the gym. I felt weak and couldn't really focus on what I was doing but I'm happy I went there anyways and I'm sure I will wake up sore tomorrow.

I'm gonna gave have to work hard now to get it back into routines but I'm pretty sure I can do it! Don't you think? 

What makes me happy is that I haven't lost all of it: 

Bowling was fun the first two games and the last game. I haven't been bowling more than once last week cause of being sick so I was actually pretty happy with how well I was throwing it today. I had control. I was good at reading the ball reaction and also knowing what was different between the not so good shots. 

Having a few meeting tomorrow but other than that I plan on doing some cardio or a class at the gym. Wish me luck 


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